Services & Signup Sheet


(First quarterly payment is Non-Refundable due to cost    of account start up and delivery.)

(Print, Fill out,)

(and send via Email or Mail)

Weekly Trash Pickup

We bill quarterly(3 months) in advanced


We loan you a container if needed for no extra charge

We can take household trash only, it must be bagged  as best as possible and properly tied and placed inside the container.

Add Recycle Service

You can add recycle service

Also billed quarterly (3 months)


All recyclables must be rinsed out

Container is provided but you must line it.

Recyclable items are:

Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Glass, Aluminum, and Tin Metal

Special Loads

Bulk items and Clean outs every Friday.

The price varies by what the items are and how much they weigh.

You can leave a message with the office and return calls are made Friday mornings