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Customer Information Packet


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About Billing & Payments:

Billing Cycles will depend on when your service starts.

Quarterly Statements:

Paper Mail    Billed & Printed   23rd – 26th    Grace Period:   60 Days

E-Statements   Billed & Sent     22nd – 25th    Grace Period:   60 Days

(Monthly Customers are Grand-fathered in as monthly)

Monthly Statements:

Paper Mail         Billed & Printed   15th – 18th   Grace period:  15 Days

E-Statements     Billed & Sent        14th – 17th    Grace Period: 15 Days


Payment Methods Accepted:

(We do offer Auto-payment using your Visa, Mastercard, or Discover)


Go Paperless with E-Statements

If you would like to pay your Invoice online, sign up for E-Statements and we can send your invoice with a pay online button. We accept Visa, Mastercard, & Discover.

Please be sure to add us to your address book (, due to the fact that we send E-Statements as mass emails, it may go to your Spam Box.

Holiday Schedule:

H.G.S. Closed Holidays:

New Year’s Day      July 4th     Thanksgiving Day    Christmas Day

Our new holiday policy is as follows:

We have decided to let the drivers make the choice to run or not run on a closed holiday. For this reason we ask that all customers put their trash out on normal schedule, if it does not get picked up on regular schedule, it will be picked up the next day.

Equipment Policy:

All provided equipment will be the customer responsibility until service is stopped or ended. There may be a fee charged if any equipment is lost, damaged, or stolen.

If you have placed a personal item next to or close to your trash contain or recycle container that was not intended to be trash or recycle, and it is taken with your pickup, we are not liable if it has been unloaded at the landfill or recycle plant by the time we have been notified. If it has not been taken to the landfill or recycle plant by the time we are notified, depending on the item and area, a decision will be made if the customer must pick it up at our facility or if we are able to deliver it back to the customer.

Driveway Service Policy

If you have opted for driveway service we ask that your cans be accessible to the truck with a distance no more than 5 feet. The truck must be able to back into your driveway or pull in forward and turn around safely and easily. We are not liable for any property damage, driveway damage, or any liquid spills from the truck.

Overdue Cancellation Process

Your account will enter the cancellation process when:

Quarterly: You have not paid your current quarterly

statement before the next quarter is billed

Monthly: You have been billed 4 months with no payment.


Week 1: Overdue cancellation statement will be sent to you by mail and must be paid by due date.

Week 2: If you have not paid by the due date, you will not receive service on your next scheduled pickup

Week 3: If payment has not been received by the end of the 2nd week, a Final notice will be left by your driver.

Week 4: If payment is not made by the end of the 3rd week, your account will be placed inactive, any provided equipment will be repossessed and a repossession notice will be left at the residence. There will be a $20.00 fee to reinstate an account that has reached the repossession Stage.

Customer Cancellation

If you need to cancel you service, just call the office and let us know or you can email us. We will ask you for a last pickup date, if you have containers with us, you will need to leave it/them out and visible so we can send someone to get it. We will adjust your billing according to the last pickup date and either a final statement will be issued or if you are due a refund it will be sent to the address on the account.

Temp-Cancel or Vacatian Hold

(A hold of 2 weeks or more)

If you need to put your account on hold for a period of time just call or email us to let us know to put it on hold, and provide the stop and start dates.


Dos and Don’ts

Allowed for Weekly Service:

  1. Trash should be bagged and tied.
  2. Trash must be out and visible by 6 AM.
  3. If trash exceeds container space regularly, another container must be added, additional charges will apply.
  4. All large boxes must be empty, broken down flat and staked or bundled no more than 3 feet in length.
  5. Two bags of yard waste per week.
  6. Yard waste must be bagged or bundled
  7. Brush trimmings must be bundled no larger than 3 feet length, limited amount will be taken.

If you have more trash than allowed or too large of items, call the office to schedule a special pickup, additional fees do apply.

Not Allowed for Weekly Service:

  1. Large batteries bigger than size D
  2. Medical Waste
  3. Cement/Dirt/Rocks
  4. Wet Paint even if contained.
  5. Sod/Sand/Manure
  6. Large electronics or TVs
  7. Motor Oil and all vehicle liquids or parts
  8. Tires
  9. Construction Materials
  10. Household oil-based liquids
  11. Lumber/Logs/Trunks
  12. Service cannot be shared with other households
  13. Hazardous/Toxic Waste

If you have Construction materials to get rid of, call the office and schedule a special load, additional fees do apply. All Special Load calls will be returned on Friday.


Special Load Process

If you are in need of a special load pickup, call the office or email us to let us know and we will get your information submitted. All special load pickups are scheduled on Fridays. Someone will call you to confirm the pickup, ask about pickup items. Price is based on what you have, where you live, and how much the pickup load will weigh.

Base Pricing: $50.00         1 LB – 500 LB

                            $10.00         Per 100 LB after

Recycle Rules:

  1. Line your recycle container
  2. Break down all large boxes and stack them beside container.
  3. We take all plastic except for foam plastics.
  4. We take all paper except for paper plates and paper napkins
  5. Recyclables are co-mingled in the container
  6. We sort all recyclables at our facility before being transported to the plant.
  7. The recycle service is for HGS customers only, do not allow others to use your container.


Items We Can Take

Paper        Cardboard           Plastics             Aluminum           Tin Metals

Glass (not broken)